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Now a manufacturer direct seller in the US

Offering a full range of audio equipment with exceptional musicality

Premium sound solutions

A California Based Audio Company

Equipment designed and manufactured in California using premium Von Gaylord silver solder; resulting in richer, airier sound. An innovative and stable design approach, allowing for minimal music fatigue.

Designed for Optimal Performance & Flexibility

What Our Audience Says

VG-8 MK II Speaker

“impressive sound, revealing layers of detail and nuance…with superb imaging”

In a 2-way, bi-wired system

Starlet Integrated Tube Amp

"deliciously fast and capable of handling rapid transients"

“one of the fastest to install tube products I’ve used”

Spend Quality Time with Quality Sound

Von Gaylord Audio strives to create a long-term relationship with customers while providing ongoing support to optimize system performance.

It's all about musicality!