Von Gaylord Audio has a simple design philosophy: never settle.

The beginnings of Von Gaylord Audio date back to a brilliant boy with a passion for music.  As a musician, Von yearned for a way to replicate the sound of a live performance.

Like many audiophiles, he spent countless hours and money trying out different components, but none met his satisfaction. With an unwillingness to settle on the status quo, Von Gaylord leveraged his engineering skill of designing medical equipment devices and began designing his own power amplifiers and speakers in his spare time. He designed audio components for a number of years before a chance encounter with Ray Leung. The two shared a lot in common and would go on to form longstanding friendship and business partnership. With Ray’s vast audio knowledge and Von’s engineering skill, they forged a small boutique audio company called Legend Audio Designs; later rebranded as Von Gaylord Audio.

Von Gaylord Audio has been producing hi-end audio equipment for over 25 years and is recognized as one of very few hi-end audio companies to produce all audio components from amplifiers, preamplifiers, digital converters, speakers to cabling. As lifelong audio enthusiasts, Von Gaylord Audio works closely with audio engineers to put together the very best sounding equipment and continuously innovate on their designs.

We strive to have all of the musical elements of a great system: dynamics, warmth, transparency, liquidity, lifelike-imaging, sound staging and most importantly, that audiophile intangible called ‘musicality’.

Hearing is believing!

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