Uni Sea – Liquid Cooled, 200 Watts Per Channel, 4 Piece Monoblocks

Pronounced oo (like ‘cool’) nee, ‘oo-nee’, it is the Japanese word for sea urchin.  And like sea urchin, which is a Japanese delicacy, the amp is wonderfully delicate, complex and a delight to have.  The Uni Sea is a liquid cooled 200 watt per channel 4 piece tube audio power amplifier … and it’s the most powerful single ended audio amplifier in the world.  The amp is very rare and manufactured in limited production quantities, and first and only known kind in the high end audio field.  It is the first and only amp in high-end audio to use a viscous dielectric fluid in a cylindrical container to help dissipate the heat generated by the high performance transmitting tubes.  This design results in a very efficient and consistent cooling behavior.  These specialized high powered tubes are made specifically for very high powered applications, such as radio station transmitters.  We’ve harnessed about 1/3 of its power as an audio amplifier, and here, as a culmination of our effort is a feat of audio engineering.  All of this engineering ingenuity translates to a very unique and very musical sounding power amplifier, and we can safely say, it is unlike any other power amplifier on this planet.

The high performance transmitting tubes generate massive amount of heat.  Passive heat convection is woefully inadequate.  We decided to use a liquid cooling as the best method for dissipating the heat.  Sitting prominently in the middle of the chassis is a thick cylindrical acrylic container. We’ve immerse the high performance transmitting tubes in a thick dielectric fluid for cooling.  In addition, on we have added forced air cooling on the top portion of the amp to assist in cooling of the dielectric fluids.

The Uni Sea’s chassis is an art in engineering work.  In front, is a custom made CNC brushed aluminum faceplate featuring the etched Von Gaylord name on the faceplate.  We’ve even added a smaller CNC aluminum name tag with the “Uni” name carefully etched and placed in the top right corner.  The workmanship is flawless.  We’re making a testament, not only in terms of audio engineering but also in artistic workmanship.

Uni Sea•    4 piece system; monoblocks with dedicated power supply unit
•    200 watts per channel
•    Pure Class A Triode
•    Liquid and air driven cooling
•    High performance transmitting tubes
•    Manual bias adjustment
•    Hand soldiered point-to-point wiring
•    Special internal Von Gaylord wiring
•    High specification oil filled capacitors
•    Frequency response: 23Hz to 25kHz
•    High efficiency design Class A Triode
•    High performance transmitting tubes :
•    THD @ 1Watt : 0.086%
•    Distortion @ 3db below clipping : <1.5%
•    Phase Shift : + 6 degree 20-20kHz
•    Dynamic Range : 92db
•    Power Output into 4 & 8 ohms : 200watts RMS
•    Dimensions :
•    Total Weight (4 chassis) : 300lbs
•    Price : $100,000.00

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