Uni Preamp

This is our top-of-the-line preamplifier, and it further pushes the legacy to new heights.  This 2 piece class A mode preamplifier uses the very best components available, with the ultimate in audio design.  We’ve adorned it with the special hand CNC front faceplate with the hand etched Von Gaylord logo.  The power supply leverages an upgraded transformer compared to the LAD-L3 and the transformer is specially ported for lower electrical radio interference.  It’s a dual mono design with completely discrete left and right audio sections.  The Uni Preamp also features higher specification oil filled capacitors and Von Gaylord internal hand soldiered wiring.

All of this engineering translates to music that is so life-like and realistic that individual instruments in the orchestra are rendered with incredible clarity and definition; solo vocalist will appear to stand in the middle of the listening room, focused and right sized.  Music will sound like music.  We can safely say, it is one of the very best sounding preamplifiers you can buy.

•    Class A preamplifier
•    separated external power supply unit
•    Inputs for CD, A/V, Tuner
•    High specification oil filled capacitors
•    Discrete and isolated left/right audio section
•    Ported transformer in power supply unit
•    Hand soldiered point-to-point wiring
•    Special internal Von Gaylord wiring
•    Frequency response : 10Hz to 85kHz
•    S/N ratio : >102db
•    Input impedance : 1k ohms
•    Input sensitivity : 120mV, 2V out, 30db gain
•    Dimensions : 14 inch width x 9 inch height x 18 inch depth
•    Total Weight (2 chassis) : 55lbs
•    Price : $15,995.00

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