Uni Earth – 180 Watts Per Channel Monoblocks

This two piece system may be the last power amplifier you will ever purchase. Based on the famous Nirvana, it uses matched high performance KT-120 vacuum tubes at the output stage. This Triode mode amplifier is a very high efficiency design, allowing it run very consistent, cool and extremely quiet compared to other tube amplifiers. The high efficiency design will also extend the vacuum tube’s life cycle, so you can spend more time listening to music than worrying about the next set of vacuum tubes. Conservatively rated at 180 watts per channel in triode mode, these amplifiers can drive any speaker system regardless of impedance, efficiency and driver type. Its transient and response is transistor-like, detailed and focused, without the harshness or edginess of solid state amplifiers. Best of all, it retains the the wonderful tube characteristics of smoothness and warmth that audiophiles love.

• 2 piece monoblocks
• 180 watts per channel
• High efficiency design pure Triode
• High performance KT-120 vacuum tubes
• Self adjusting AutoBias
• Oil filled capacitors
• Hand soldiered point-to-point wiring
• Special internal Von Gaylord wiring
• Frequency response : 23Hz to 25kHz
• Tubes : KT-120 x 8, 6SN7 x 4
• THD @ 1 Watt : 0.086%
• Distortion @ 3db below clipping : <1.5%
• Phase Shift : + 6 degree 20-20kHz
• Dynamic Range : 92db
• Power Output into 4 & 8 ohms : 180watts RMS
• Dimension : 15 inch width x 10 inch height x 18 inch depth
• Total Weight (2 chassis) : ~150lbs
• Price : $16,995.00

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