Return of The Legend MK II Speakers

“The Legend IV” speaker has been our centerpiece speaker design since 1993 when we were formerly call Legend Audio Design.  The speaker has undergone countless updates, upgrades and design tweaks.  Now, we’d like to introduce the appropriate successor, the “Return of The Legend”. We have redesigned this speaker from the ground up.  The speaker features a new design with new cabinetry, crossover and other components. The “Return of The Legend” speaker outshines and improves dramatically over the “The Legend” speakers … a speaker that has garnered praise at countless trade shows.  Many audiophiles have told us that this small speaker puts out the sound that rivals that of traditional floor-standing speakers.

The “Return of The Legend” uses the best matched components available.  The beautiful mahagony wood finished cabinetry is structurally reinforced to the nth degree, which helps prevent any extraneous surface vibration. The drivers are all custom specified to our requirement and audio specifications. All of the components come together to provide an incredibly smooth, detailed and natural sounding speaker system.

The “Return of The Legend” is very efficient design.  It doesn’t require much power to drive it.  Even at lower volume level listening, you can still hear the full musical range, which is something your neighbors might appreciate.

The “Return of The Legend” is also very versatile musically.  It’s not limited to one type of music.   It is able to convey the power of a full symphony orchestra or the intimacy of a 3-piece jazz band.   Its time aligned driver will help ensure pinpoint musical accuracy and instrument placement.   Vocalist will appear to stand in the middle of the room; bassist, guitarist and drummer will appear as if they are stationed behind the vocalist. The “Return of The Legend” will disappear; any audiophiles’ habit to do sound analysis will be forgotten, giving way to hours of musical listening pleasure.

•    2-way speaker system
•    7 ¼ inch Kevlar woofer
•    1 ½ inverted dome Kevlar tweeter
•    Ported design
•    Time aligned driver orientation
•    Bi-wire ready
•    Gold plated binding posts
•    Rosewood with a durable high gloss finish
•    Frequency response : 28Hz to 25kHz  + 3db
•    Sensitivity : 91db
•    Impedance: 4 ohms
•    Power requirement : 35 to 200 watts
•    Overall Dimensions : 11.25 inch width x 14.50 inch height x 13 inch depth
•    Weight: TBD
•    Price : $12,995.00
•    Optional 23 inch Von Gaylord stand :  $795.00

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