Von Gaylord audio – “Hearing is Believing”

Take a seat, sit back, relax and enjoy. Hours of musical pleasure awaits you. Here at Von Gaylord Audio, we don’t worry too much about all the tech speak. What we’re concerned about is the music and the music listener’s enjoyment.

Von Gaylord Audio has been producing musical equipment for over 15 years. As lifelong audio enthusiasts, we work very closely with our audio engineers to put together the very best sounding equipment. We’re one of very few hi-end audio companies that produce electronics from amplifiers, preamplifiers, digital converters, speakers to cabling. We’re the first to innovate a specialized high and low frequency bi-wired speaker cable system. We’ve even pushed technical boundaries like the liquid cooled Uni Sea amplifier and the implementation of high performance transmitting tubes for the home audio system. These are just a some of the things we do in our relentless pursuit to audio nirvana!

Von Gaylord audio invites you to experience the ultimate in music listening enjoyment. You won’t be disappointed!

You won’t believe your ears… Hearing is Believing!

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